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While looking to buy a new home in Mirasol and selling our current home, Carol was our voice of reason, comfort and expertise. She knew the market and she took the time to get to know us. Carol handled all of the intricacies that arose with professionalism and grace. We achieved both the price and results we were aiming for with Carol as our real estate broker! We definitely highly recommend her if you are interested in purchasing or selling your home in Mirasol!!

- Debbie


Though I would love you to use our name, I don't think it's in Steve & my best interest , as I wouldn't want to alienate those realtors that are already pissed off at us for not choosing them. So please leave our name off. Here goes:

"Buying a house is easy. You fall in love with a house, you make an offer, some negotiating, and boom, boom, boom, you bought a house.

Selling your home is not so easy. Keeping it always neat,  people traipsing in, last minute showings, disappearing when clients come to look, can be very stressful. But Carol made the entire process so simple. She arranged for weekly "open houses". She brought an enormous amount of potential buyers, more than any other realtor. She attended every showing, arriving early to turn on lights, making sure our home showed beautifully, and stayed afterwards, making sure it was locked up securely.

We always received immediate feedback from every showing, as well as all our phone calls, texts, and questions were answered in a swift, timely manner.

Throughout the negotiations of our home, & purchase of our new home, Carol remained the ultimate professional.

We are so pleased to have had Carol in our corner, & enthusiastically recommend her as a realtor."

- Gayle


The high degree of professionalism and attention to detail Carol brought to my simultaneous sale and purchase within the Mirasol community was stunning. Her knowledge of the market and ability to fairly represent and manage multiple clients was extraordinarily impressive.

- Rod


Carol is a true professional, she follows up on every detail. Our closing was both quick and easy because of her preparation.

I've been in commercial real estate for almost forty years, Carol follows up on every detail in a way I have never seen.  Life is easier when you are working with Carol.

When you are moving within Mirasol you worry about relationships after the closing.  Carol was so knowledgeable, straight forward and fair that there were no issues.
In our case, Carol represented us on both the purchase and the sale, and ALL parties were remaining in the Community.  Carol was able to navigate this potentially awkward
situation by being the consummate professional.

- Lori and Rick


"When it comes to selling and buying premium real estate, Carol Falciano is the Realtor you want to work  with.  She has helped us buy two homes, and list one.  Both sides of the transaction went smoothly, and Carol made sure everything was taken care of.  She is in your corner and will help you get the best results, just like she did for us.  Thanks Carol for everything!  Scott & Cindy Snow"

Hope this works, and let me know if there is anything else you would rather us say.

- Cindy


Carol was not only responsible for selling our original Mirasol home, but also for finding the perfect home we were looking for within Mirasol.  It was a difficult deal too as we wanted to continue our golf membership and our new home didn't have one.  Carol was able to match her clients who didn't require a golf membership to purchase our home and guided us through the transfer of  our golf membership to our new home.  Inside of two weeks we were in contract to sell our original home and to buy our new one.  We were able to close both on the same day too.  Carol did an amazing job. 

- Jack