Leasing a Home in Mirasol

Mirasol Club & Association, Inc (MCA) Rental Policy

Tenants may not move into Mirasol prior to MCA approval. Upon approval, residents current with all MCA and Village fees and with no outstanding citations may lease their Unit and may designate up to two primary tenants as beneficial users of the Recreational Facilities Access (“Facilities Access”) in accordance with the MCA Rental Policy and tenant member privileges. Furthermore, leases may be no less than four months, and Units with or without privileges may be rented no more than twice per calendar year, and no tenant may rent more than 24 months from the first rental date regardless of the Unit. In addition, Quantera has a minimum of one year rental term.

Leasing without club access

The ability to reside in Mirasol is contingent upon approval. Members choosing to rent their home without tenant
access to the Recreational Facilities must ensure each tenant applies to the MCA for residential approval. All leases
must be submitted to the MCA through the Membership Office at least 30 days prior to the lease start date for approval consideration.
Required for Residential Approval Consideration:

  • 1. Copy of the executed Lease Agreement,
  • 2. Copy of the MCA Lease Addendum,
  • 3. Tenant Designation Application complete and signed by two primary tenants,
  • 4. Copy of each applicant’s driver’s license,
  • 5. MCA Release Form (two sides) completed by the primary tenant and secondary tenant,
  • 6. MCA Release Form (two sides) completed by each dependent between 18 and 23 years of age, and
  • 7. Check payable to Mirasol Club & Association, Inc. for the application fee

Leasing with club access

The ability to access the Recreational Facilities is contingent upon Residential and Facilities Access approval. All
application paperwork is submitted to the Membership Office. Tenants who are approved for Facilities Access will
become the beneficial user of the owner’s access as a tenant member. An owner’s privileges will be deactivated for the duration of the lease, and they may use the Facilities only as a guest. An owner’s club privileges will not be reinstated less than four months from the initial lease start date. The MCA reserves the right to modify fees, terms, and conditions of tenant privileges and access.
Required for Recreational Facilities Access Consideration:

  • 1. Residential Approval (noted above),
  • 2. Tenant Roster Form for Membership Directory,
  • 3. Tenant Transfer Form signed by owner and tenant, and
  • 4. Check payable to Mirasol Club & Association, Inc. payable at the orientation for the transfer fee

Applying to the MCA

When a lease is being executed, the owner and tenant(s) also sign the MCA Lease Addendum and the MCA Transfer Form (transfer form only if they plan to have facilities access). Immediately thereafter the executed lease, addendum and transfer form should be submitted along with the tenant’s mailing address. The Membership Office will mail the application package with instructions directly to the applicant upon receipt of these forms.
Each tenant, their spouse and their dependents 18 to 23 years of age who will reside in the home and/or require facilities access during the lease must apply and complete an application and release form along with a non- refundable application fee of $265 up to the first two applicants and $132.50 for each additional applicant.

Background reports take two to four weeks, and application reviews may take up to six weeks, so we recommend applying with ample time prior to the lease start date.

Approvals & Orientation

Approvals will be mailed directly to the tenant, and owners will only be notified if the tenant is denied. Once an approval letter is received, tenants may contact the Membership Office to schedule an orientation, which is mandatory to gain access to the Facilities. All tenants are required to attend an orientation for Facilities Access, and new tenants are required to attend an additional golf orientation in order to obtain golf course access.
What to bring to the orientation:

  • A check for $795 payable to Mirasol Club & Association, Inc.
  • A photo emailed to membership@mirasolcc.com or a smile for a brief photo session!

A tenant is entitled to the corresponding owner’s privileges except:

  • Tenants may not participate in Club Championship Tournaments
  • Tenant are not eligible for the tee time lottery system
  • Tenants may reserve tee times five days in advance
  • Tenants are not eligible to use a private golf cart
  • Social Tenants may only access golf, fitness, spa and tennis one day per month May through October

MCA Fees, Charge Accounts, and Delinquencies

  • All member charges must be billed to their membership account
  • A valid MasterCard or Visa copy is required on file at all times
  • A delinquent owner account will result in suspension of the tenant privileges
  • Owners are ultimately responsible for all charges incurred by the tenant that remains unpaid after the lease ends

Termination/ Extension of Lease

  • Tenant Recreational Facilities Access automatically terminates on the expiration date determined at the orientation
  • T-stickers and T-cards automatically deactivate at midnight on the lease end date
  • Owner’s privileges automatically reactivate on the lease expiration date determined at the orientation
  • An owner’s privileges will not be reactivated less than four months from the lease start date
  • Extensions/early terminations must be submitted in writing at least 30 days in advance
  • Extensions received after the termination date will result in a $250 charge to reactivate tenant privileges

Access through the gates

Prior to approval, access to the community will only be granted as a guest of the home owner. Being a gated
community, approved tenants are required to register with Security to gain access through the gates.
By registering with Security after attending the Club orientation, residents with club access can charge t-stickers to their club account. For Security registrations, residents must provide a copy of the residential lease, a driver’s license, and a copy of the vehicle registration or vehicle insurance card.
Please call Elite Security at 624.9640 for registration times and security inquiries.
Please call the On-Site Property Management Office at 626.8283 for t-sticker information.

Florida Statutes on Landlord/Tenant Access

In accordance with the Florida Statutes on tenants and landlords, a resident owner’s community access will
temporarily be transferred to the tenant for the duration of a lease. Upon registration with Security, tenants will replace the owner as the resident of the property. It is recommended that tenants add the home owner to their gate list in case of emergencies. Owners will regain access at the term of lease only after re-registering with security.

Please contact the Membership Office for complete details at (561) 776.4949.

**This information has been provided by membership at Mirasol Country Club for potential Buyers, Sellers, Tenants and Landlords **